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About Design Fuze

The Design Fuze is an initiative created by EFDS for enthusiasts to get in-depth knowledge about design, like packaging designs, logo design, and more.

Learn Creative Packaging Design

We are surrounded by packaging in our everyday life. It protects everything from your skincare product to your favorite ice cream. Packaging design can enhance customer experience.
In this course you will learn how to design a packaging and also assignments will be given to you.

What you will learn:

  • Understanding and Analysing a Brief
  • Researching for Concepts
  • Developing a Mood Board
  • Design a Packaging
  • Presenting Work to your Client
  • Preparing Files For Print

What you will need:

You’ll need to have some  Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and skills.

As for materials, you’ll need a computer with the aforementioned software installed. 

The class is fully online.

First Edition:  May 29th, 2021

Michael Shabi is a full-stack multidisciplinary creative, who is based in Nigeria. He is the founder of EFDS (Easyfix Digital Solutions), a design studio, printing company, and website development agency.

In his branding journey, he has been able to work with over  100+ businesses, spread around the world and deliver projects successfully.

Beside being an ardent creative, Michael holds a  Master’s degree and Certifications from Microsoft and Information Technology Infrastructure Library.

Micheal created the “Design Fuze” initiative to help budding designers find, and articulate  their voice when it comes to design.

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